Tuesday, 12. September 2017

12:30-13:00 Coffee
13:00-13:15 Welcome/Introduction
13:15-14:45 Kathrin Glüer (Stockholm): Interpretation and the Interpreter: On the Role of the Interpreter in Davidsonian Foundational Semantics.
15:00-16:30 Eleni Manolakaki (Athens): A Note on Davidson’s Integrated Theory of Meaning and Action
16:45-18:15 Ernie Lepore (Rutgers): Convention before Communication

19:00 Dinner at Sattgrün. Vegan buffet restaurant (self service). Very close to the Motel One and about 10 minute walk from Essen central station: google-maps.

Wednesday, 13. September 2017

9:30-10:00 Coffee
10:00-11:30 Peter Pagin (Stockholm): Belief Sentences in Davidsonian Semantics
11:45-13:15 Giulia Felappi (Southampton): On Schiffer’s Urgent Problem for the Paratactic View
13:15-15:15 Lunch at Meze Bar Eleon
15:15-16:45 Brendan Balcerak Jackson (Miami): Model-Theoretic Semantics as Model-Based Science
17:00-18:30 Ian Rumfitt (Oxford): Truth and Meaning, or Meaning and Truth?

19:30 Dinner at Seitenblick. German restaurant, speciality: homemade Elsaesser Tarte Flambee. Very close to the Motel One and 10 minute walk from Essen central station: google-maps.

Thursday, 14. September 2017

9:00-9:30 Coffee
9:30-11:00 Miguel Hoeltje (Essen): On Explaining How ‘an Infinite Aptitude can be Encompassed by Finite Accomplishments’
11:15-12:45 Dana Riesenfeld (Tel Aviv): The Underappreciated Radicality of Davidson’s Later Philosophy
13:00-14:30 Kirk Ludwig (Bloomington): Truth, Meaning, Communication and Convention
14:30 Lunch at Chilli House

Please note: As is often the case in philosophy, there will be no free lunches. However, all non-local speakers will be invited to the conference dinner on September 13. Unfortunately, the funding situation does not allow for further invitations, hence both lunches and dinners on other nights will be dutch-treat.