Call for Papers

Submissions for contributed talks should address the conference topic, broadly construed. Specific topics to be addressed may include (but are not limited to):

  • Foundational questions about the role of truth theories within semantics/theories of meaning
  • The semantics of action and event sentences and, more generally, eventuality-semantics
  • The paratactic account of indirect speech and attitude reports
  • The role of conventions in the determination of linguistic meaning
  • The notion of logical form
  • The role of truth-conditional semantics for metaphysics and other philosophical enterprises
  • The notion of radical interpretation
  • The connection between foundational theories of meaning and descriptive semantic theories

Please include two pdf documents with your submission:

  1. A coversheet including your name, affiliation, and the title of your abstract.
  2. An extended abstract of around 1000 words, prepared for anonymous review.

Please send your submissions to:

Submission deadline: June 30
Decision: July 21
Conference: September 12-14